Changes in the works.

We are changing things up here at Emergency Umbrella. Due to some hosting issues that have been resolved you will now be able to get all of your EU news here. Thanks for your patience.


One Response to “Changes in the works.”

  1. Hey, I was just reminded of a crazy coincidence and thought I should get in touch with EU folks to let you know. This past summer I was in Vladimir, Russia (about three hours east of Moscow) in a tech store. They had these chair-pods with built in sound systems that you could hook up to an auxiliary so you could listen to music while relaxing. I was looking in the music library in the netbook that the store provided for the chair, and Kingdom Flying Club’s NonFiction was one of the three albums they had uploaded to the library. As a native Columbian I was pretty shocked to see that! Anyway, thought you’d like to know that somehow your music is getting to small towns in Russia. – Jordan

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